MONO - Our Mission

Mono is a brand by me, El Mono, to bring forward a new vision for what a fashion brand can be. I have spent my time since the pandemic traveling and seeing as much of the world as I can. Mono is something I created for all modern nomads. I was able to travel so much through web3 which includes things like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Bitcoin. Part of why I created Mono was to bring you as much of the free and cool things I got from owning NFTs without you having to learn about how to set up a wallet.

Mission Statement
Create the first slow fashion brand for modern nomads.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to create a slow fashion brand that lives with the modern nomad seeking true comfort with real utility.
Even when you reach a point where you are ready to settle down, and maybe start a family of your own, Mono will continue to find a way to add value to your life.

Core Values

  1. Slow fashion: purchasing with thoughtfulness, where fashion is an investment in yourself and the future.
  2. Sustainable Quality From the moment you touch your first Mono piece, you can recognize the difference between other items in your closet and Mono.
  3. InnovationBlending evolving benefits with a strong product gives our community the best value we can provide in addition to our apparel.
  4. UtilityOur apparel is the entry way into the brand and unlocks a lifetime of benefits from product discounts to partner offers and more as soon as you purchase your first piece.

Thank You
Mono is for the modern nomad. As our community grows we will look to host in person activations alongside some of the coolest conferences and people in the world. We will always keep tabs on our environmental impact and look to never bite off more than we can chew. Our utility will be in our product and tools and things to make your experience exploring the world more comfortable and accessible.

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Join our community today by purchasing your first item. You will receive an email shortly thereafter with some of the benefits unlocked exclusively for you. 10% of every order is donated to Juicebox Project empowering young entrepreneurs to start their dream.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Mono. We look forward to bringing you more sustainable quality slow fashion and empowering the modern nomad to keep exploring.